All Ranks Academy of Gymnastics
All Ranks Academy Gymnastics 
114 Conway Street , New Bedford , Ma 
Phone number : 774-328-9833


Registration for 2016/2017 Classes has BEGUN!!!!

Annual Membership Registration fee is $40 per gymnast or $60.00 per family.  Upon registering for gymnastics classes the registration fee and first month tuition will need to be made at the same time. Annual Registration Fee is to be paid every year in September. All Registration forms can be emailed if requested. 


There will be great incentives to having a All Ranks Academy Membership. 

Our gym is also pledging to be a Kount on kindness gym. We will encourage kindness and a bully free enviroment for all our gymnast and their families. All gymnast and their families will be asked to sign the pledge. You will be able to sign up online. When your bring your certificate in you will be able to put your handprint on the Kount on Kindness wall. We are pledging 100% to be able to get our Kindness banner !! Click the Google Link below and sign the pledge before registering ( Make sure to put All Ranks Academy) !! 


Please email with any questions :

Call us at 774-328-9833